Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and a time to think of all of the wonderful women in the world. Including yourself!

Whilst many of my female heroes are famous, the women I admire the most are not. They are women who every day, show strength in their lives and improve the lives of others. Dealing with the tribulations life throws at us in their various forms and flavours, all of them managing to inspire us in their own unique way. Women who just stick out in my mind as impressive, women who make a difference.

Here come the girls!

Women who just like me, sometimes walk out of the toilets with their knickers stuck in their tights, often leave the house without realising they have lipstick on their teeth or toothpaste on their ear. Women who burn the dinner because they were doing something more interesting, women who hide from their children sometimes. Real women! Whose houses don’t belong in a magazine, who don’t know what is currently ‘on trend’ and don’t much care either. Women who don’t have teams of people to make them inspirational, yet they manage it anyway!

Me and Elaine Healy.
Another Autism Warrior Mum.
Zena hasn’t got a patch on us!

We all need to take a bow for the strength we find, the love with give and the brighter we each make the world. We usually never give ourselves credit for any of these things, but we should celebrate it more. I’m not an ‘affirmations in the mirror’ kind of gal. If I am spending more than a minute at any mirror, I am usually checking my pores, lamenting my wrinkles or plucking a stray eyebrow hair. But really, we rock!

I have written about 2 very special women in my life before, My Nana Winifred Mary Jones and her twin sister, Helen Dora Jackson (Auntie Nellie). Both of them strong, funny, interesting women that helped shape the woman that I am, both directly and through the way they raised my Mum.

My Wonderful Mum.
The first person that taught me that ‘different is not less.’

In celebration of those wonderful women in my life, I wrote the poem below at a writing course I attended last year. ‘I Remember’ can be written in any format you like, to explore the happy memories you have, that are sometimes hidden until you start to seek them out.

Treat yourself this weekend and let your mind wander down memory lane about some special women in your life. Maybe even write it down and share it.

I Remember:

I remember long journeys travelling by train. I remember summers of sunshine, not wind and not rain.
I remember the toilet seat outside, always cold no matter the season. I remember eating sweets on weekdays, without a reason.
I remember strange shops with a strong smell of curry. I remember reading stories, when no one was in a hurry.
I remember the pantry, which I thought was so posh. I remember it stored, the good stuff, the sweets and the nosh.
I remember the card games playing for pennies. I remember the bus trips out to Uncle George and Aunt Jennies.
I remember the strange ice creams, where the cones were square.  I remember the horses at the Abbey Park fair.
I remember the museum with a rich man, weighing 52 stone. I remember the dresser and the old fashioned phone.
I remember the smells, the powder, the rouge. I remember falling over, the graze and the bruise.  I remember having chicken pox, calamine lotion so cold. I remember red lipstick of the laugh and the scold.
I remember my Nana and Aunt Nellie, both now gone. And I’ll be celebrating them next year when they’d be a hundred and one.

I’ll leave you with a quote from my favourite writer. I women I wish I had known – Maya Angelou. A woman whose wisdom, wit, and wonder tumbled from her lips every time she spoke.

Make everyday a day we celebrate women.
Make each other feel valued – starting with yourself.

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