Welcome to this week’s installment of The Tuesday Top Ten. This was meant to be my first installment of this feature, but my daughter was having her braces checked yesterday and as her Orthodontist features in this list, I just couldn’t chance the mortification.

Around this time of year we start seeing the ‘Top Ten’ lists of the world’s sexiest people.  Some of the occupants of each slot I would agree with, but on the whole, I find real men a lot sexier. Let’s face it half the people in magazines don’t actually look the way we see them on the glossy pages and there’s a whole lot more to being sexy that chiseled cheekbones and good hair.

 So, I decided to do the Top Ten of the Sexiest Men in MY World

Achill 2018 – With my husband, Mick. I was going through my dark phase (hair and face).

  1.  My Husband Mick.  Tall dark and handsome.  Strong in every way and the best Dad in the world – there is nothing sexier than a man who isn’t afraid to show how much he loves his kids.  He protects me from everything, including myself sometimes and I just think he’s gorgeous.
  2. Liam Cunningham – you’ll have seen him in a many things over the years.  Most recently as Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones.  He’s from inner city Dublin, where he still lives and has no airs and graces.  He is a master of accents, being Geordie on GOT, but his real accent – Dublin, is the sexiest of all – what can I say, I’ve always been a sucker for an Irish accent.  The fact that he is an ambassador for World Vision adds to his sexiness.
  3. Hugh Jackman – from what I’ve seen he’s an all-round decent bloke.  He loves his family and keeps them out of the public eye. It does help his sexiness that his wife is pretty normal and doesn’t have a super model figure.  Also, who can forget his arms as Wolverine – although I wasn’t so keen on the sideburns.
  4. Brent Pope– Rugby players are just my ‘type’.  Like so many men out there, I’ve always liked a big chest and Brent’s is as big and manly as they come.  I love lying my head on Mick’s chest, but I think Brent would make a more than adequate substitute should Mick ever be busy.  I also love Brent’s honesty about his own personal mental health challenges.  It takes a real man to admit that sometimes they cannot cope with their life.  Just like his chest, Brent’s honesty about this issue shows how strong and manly he truly is. Oh and did I mention his chest?
  5. Idris Elba – I am only human after all.
  6. David McConville (Saoirse’s Orthodontist)– I had hoped by the time you were reading this, Saoirse’s braces would off and I would never have to look him in the face again.  But who knows, maybe this will get me a discount (maybe I should bump him up to number 2 as braces are expensive!). He’s just so lovely.  He talks directly to Saoirse rather than through me and always listens intently to what she has to say.  He’s always telling us about all of his animals and his little toddler.  His gentle Donegal accent certainly makes it easy to listen.  Being a tweenager, Saoirse is always adamant she is fine to go into the appointment on her own, but I never let her, just in case she needs me to hold her hand  – or David needs to me to hold his!
  7. Damian Lewis – I’ve always loved Damian’s work and I’ve never seen him in anything I didn’t like.  There’s something sexy about red hair and Damian kills it.
  8. Dermot and Dave from Today FM – one of the sexiest things in a man is someone that can make you laugh and this pair often make me nearly crash my car from laughing.  I’ve seen them live and they were even funnier with their post watershed humour.  They’ve brightened many a dark day after a morning of mayhem threatened to ruin it. So they have to come in my top ten.  As they come as a pair, I cannot pick one over the other as the sexiest, Dave is more my ‘type’ but Dermot is very sexy when he gets riled up about world issues, so they’ll just have to share the accolade
  9. Jack Reynor – again it’s that Irish accent I just can’t resist.  Jack is a bit young for me, but he’s all man.  He was a twinkle in his eye and he’s prone to putting on a bit of weight, which mean his stomach has that sexy little paunch men get.  I absolutely hate six packs – except if it’s cream eggs!
  10. Dave Grohl – there has to be a bad boy musician in the list and that has to be Dave.  Uber talented, being drummer and singer with many top rock and grunge bands including Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age and the Foo Fighters.  I’m not normally a fan of long hair, but for Dave I’d make an exception.  He is also an advocate for women’s and LGBT+ rights.  Who can resist a man with a great voice who uses it so well!

Finally, he didn’t make my top ten but I do have one last guilty pleasure.  Brendan Gleeson.  He doesn’t tick any of the boxes that modern society would deem a ‘hot!’, but I just find him so damn attractive.

It’s your turn now, just a little photo to get you started.  You’re welcome.

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