Welcome to the first instalment of Tuesday’s Top Ten.

Most people hate Mondays, personally I’ve always hated Tuesdays more.  At least you know where you stand with a Monday, Tuesdays are just – meh! 

You’ve discussed all the gossip from last weekend, you aren’t half way to the next weekend, it’s too early to break your diet and Game of Thrones isn’t on TV anymore so there’s no episode/plot analysis going on. 

In order to brighten them up a bit, I created the Tuesday Top Ten. 

It’s something you can mull over as you drudge through work, cleaning, studying whatever it is you are up to and you can share ideas over lunch if you’ve run out of scandal from the weekend to discuss. 

I love making lists and I often come up with various ‘Top Tens’ in my mind that I use down the pub on date night with my husband, if I run out of things to say, or at dinner parties/wedding tables that have gone a bit flat. 

I recently started journaling after being gifted the Beginners Guide to Journaling, which I instantly became addicted to and has now replaced my phone as my ‘headspace escape’ of choice.

I was delighted to find that the author, had listed lots of new ideas I hadn’t even considered for ‘Top Tens’ in her Journal guide.  With her permission I have shamelessly stolen one her Top Tens to kick start this weekly feature of my blog. 

Top Ten songs you sing along to, knowing all the words – well your own version of the words at least!  They don’t have to put them in any order of favourites, but number one has to be the one you are humming/singing in your head right now.  Here are mine (N.B if you do this whilst driving, please ensure you still pay attention to the road, as I missed my turning on the motorway when I was compiling my list, resulting in a 10-mile detour.)

So whether it’s your wedding song, your childhood favourite, or just one you cannot get the bloody words out of your head give it a go. It may result in an enjoyable trip down memory lane, it did for me.

A Late Night Sing Along with the Girls

Here are mine to get your started:

  1. Black Velvet – Alannah Miles.  Before this song, I had never heard of her and I haven’t heard of her since.  But I absolutely adore this song.  At a recent girls’ night at my friend’s house, I was in charge of drunkenly shouting at Alexa to find songs we could all sing along to and this was my first choice.  I have a vivid memory of hiking through a random field in Wales, on a trip to Glan Llyn (kind of like The Gaeltacht for Welsh people). I was with my childhood friend Lisa Morris and we were both plugged into the red Sony Cassette Walkman I had got the previous Christmas, belting out the song at the top of our lungs.  God, I love this song and I loved Lisa like a sister, sadly we’ve lost touch. But I enjoy the great memories.
  2. Sit Down – James.  Probably the only song I do actually know all of the words to accurately and in order.  This is from an era when you could get pull-out posters from the weekly copy of Smash Hits magazine and you would sit in your bedroom staring at the poster on the wall learning the words, instead of your French verbs.  This song takes me back to school discos circa 1990.  All of the cool lads 2 years above me at school, had ‘James’ hoodies and would stand in a circle, heads down, stepping side to side with their hands behind their backs singing along.
  3. Rule The World – Take That.  I admit, I am a massive Take That Fan, first and second time around.  This is my particular favourite and I have told Mick that I want it to be played at my funeral, preferably sung by my favourite local musician Ronnie Duignan who sang at my wedding and my 40th.  I just adore this song and I use to sing it to my eldest daughter Saoirse when she was a baby as we danced around the kitchen.  “A star so bright, you blind me” that’s my Saoirse.
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.  This song was number one when I was born and during his speech at my wedding, my Dad presented me with the vinyl single he bought the day I was born.   This is the ultimate in road trip songs, you can sing it alone or with friends, but no headbanging whilst driving!  I don’t think anyone truly knows all of the words, because not all of the words are even real, but who cares that’s part of the fun.  A truly magical song.  My favourite part of the recent movie of the same title was watching how this song was recorded.
  5. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish.  A very current tune, obviously to show that I’m ‘down with kids’! My youngest daughter, Erin, and I sing this together and try to get the ‘Deh!’ bit in the right spot.  As yet, we haven’t nailed it, but we are still practising.  Best to sing when not driving as you have to click your fingers in time to the music, well I do anyway!
  6. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica.  Mick and I had this as the first dance to our wedding.  I actually wanted ‘Here with Me’ by Dido as I do consider that to be our song, but Mick is a huge Metallica fan and I love this song, so we went with this as it was a bit less soppy.  I now catch my breath every time I hear it on the radio and it was the highlight of the Metallica gig we went to see this summer. 
  7. Shut Up and Dance With Me – Walk The Moon.  Probably one of the most sing-a-long songs in recent years.  I often dance around the house singing this with my kids, who love to sing it extra loud, especially Patrick.  I think they like it so much, because it’s the only time they are allowed to tell people to ‘shut up’.
  8. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor.  Any woman (and many men too) who has ever either been heartbroken, drunk or on a girls night out, has blasted this out with your friends on the dancefloor of some dodgy night club, with sticky carpets and over-priced alco-pops.  It goes hand in hand with, ‘It’s Raining Men’ by The Weather Girls, ‘Vogue’ by Maddona and ‘YMCA’ by The Village People, for being impossible to sing without waving your arms furiously in the air.
  9. Live Forever – Oasis.  This really is interchangeable for any Oasis song and has to always be sung with a Mancunian accent and a frown.
  10. Dancing Queen – ABBA.  I don’t care how old you are, how cool think you are or how much you value the integrity of music.  You cannot, not sing along with ABBA, and this is the jewel in their crown.  The music of ABBA transcends generations,  My daughter and all of her friends went to the sing along version of Mamma Mia 2 for her 12th birthday last year and every single one of them, along with me, my Mum and my Dad were all up dancing in the aisles – ABBA brings joy, don’t try to fight it, just dance.

A few that didn’t quite make the cut: 

Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader, Whiskey in Jar by Thin Lizzy (especially if you’re Irish), Sail Away by David Gray, Eternal Flame by the Bangles, Lets Talk about Sex by Salt ‘n’ Peppa and last but no least Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison – What Are Yours……………………..?

Karen Brown’s Beginners Journal is available on Amazon.  I promise I am not being paid to plug this.   I simply love it, it’s my new addiction.


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