I’m sitting looking out at rainy Irish summer weather, feeling sad that I should be sitting in France drinking wine and eating ice cream.🥂🍷🍨🍦🍧

Last year Saoirse, her friend Naoise and I climbed the Eiffel Tower (I’m still out of breath). Right now I’m looking at my chicken coop. 🗼

So my Tuesday Ten Ten this week is ten landmarks I would love to visit one day – maybe next year 😜🌞:

1. Uluru
2. The Egyptian Pyramids
3. The Taj Majal 🕌
4. Dublin’s Hungry Tree
5. The Little Mermaid Statue – Copenhagen
6. The Great Wall of China
7. Lake Garda
8. Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco 🌉
9. Christ the Redeemer – Rio
10. Table Mountain

Where will you go? Send me pics!

There’s no place like home!

Snack time in Dublin’s fair city.

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