Tuesday Top Ten – yes I know it’s Wednesday but I lost track of time!!

I’m sitting doing a bit of catching up listening to old music and singing along (badly), when I say old I mean Wet Wet Wet – whatever happened to Wet Wet Wet?
In fact whatever happened to………..?

  1. Danny and Noel from ‘Hearsay’
  2. Timmy Mallet
  3. Alicia Silverstone
  4. Escort XR31’s
  5. Crackerjack
  6. Sindy Dolls
  7. Iced Gem Biscuits
  8. Wallaby Shoes
  9. Goran Ivanisevic
  10. Smash Hits Poll Winners Party

Feel free to sing along and to comment your own ‘whatever happened to!

Pure and Simple
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