I often stay up late with my teenager, watching TV and chatting, on Sunday night/Monday morning we stayed up until 4am watching her new favourite movie ‘Kissing Booth’ and the sequel, creatively titled ‘Kissing Booth 2’.

I have to play the Mum card here and say I’m not sure my almost 14 year ago of should be watching it, it was a bit raunchy and boozy for my liking, but as it was her 12th time to watch it, censorship was pretty redundant at this stage.
I’m glad I watched it either as there were quite a few ‘discussion points’ throughout the movie, cue eye rolling and  comments of “I know Mum, I’m not stupid!”

I also really enjoyed it, it’s a great plot, shiny people, humour, style, smooth dance routines and I hankered after my youth and some of the ‘mis-spent’ moments – all of them fleeting of course😜

I reviewed some of my favourite 20th century movies recently, but I decided that revisit that list for this week’s Tuesday Top Ten with only teen movies in mind.

First on the list is of course Dirty Dancing, which I am soooooo excited to be going to see on the big screen for the first time next week in our fabulous local cinema in Carrick in Shannon that serves wine! 

I’m going with a gang of ladies, including my daughter and her friend to introduce them to my teen version of Kissing Booth – before dance machines were even invented!  Tickets are booked – obviously right in the middle of the cinema, because nobody puts Faye in the corner!

1. Dirty Dancing

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

3. Karate Kid

4. Dead Poet’s Society

5. Clueless

6. Labyrinth

7. Adventures in Babysitting

8. The Lost Boys

9. Desperately Seeking Susan

10. Three Men and a Baby 

Ah those were the days, we had the time of our lives!

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