Yesterday was International Random Act of Kindness Day.

Personally I think random acts of kindness are something we should aim for every day. I don’t mean that in a cheesy, naff way, but we can all do little things to make people’s day a bit brighter. I would love to hear about your own……….

In a week where we have seen another tragic death widely reported, following terrible emotional struggles by a women that seemed to have it all, social media is flooded with messages to be kind and maybe more importantly, to not be unkind.

I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that I never say mean things, I do, and sometimes I say them very publicly, about some politicians for example, but in my defence I criticise the actions that are truly heinous and negatively life altering for many people. However, I will stop and think from now on to temper the way I sometimes say things. Who knows, Maybe Donald Trump just needs more hugs (OK now I am pushing my luck!!)

I have seen a few people quoting truly hideous things that trolls have posted since the death of Caroline Flack. I am genuinely shocked, I think I am very naive or just fortunate to be online with decent people, as I never see vicious posts like in that my news feeds. It’s sadly one of the really negative parts of the world with live in today. It basically boils down to the fact that, some people do not value human life and consider their own to be superior to someone else’s. All lives matter, and all lives should be treated equally, respectfully.

We should never stop making the effort to be decent to one another. Make the effort to do the little things that can make a big difference to someone who is struggling or even someone who isn’t, as often struggles are silent. Here are a few of my favourites that I enjoy doing, that hopefully make a positive difference, they probably won’t save someones life, but they may improve it. if a person is struggling and can see goodness in a day, hopefully it will make them want to see the next day:

  1. Sending care packages. I’ve done it quite a lot lately as part of my book promotions, making sure that when the book goes out, it has a nice message, some coffee and a bit of chocolate to enjoy when reading it. I’ve got such positive responses from doing it and I love the feeling it gives me and the recipient. Or who doesn’t love getting a random card, letter, note in the post – send one to someone that you know doesn’t get out much mail or even someone that is the life and soul of the party. Often the people that shout the loudest are the people who need you to just check in.
  2. Pay someone a compliment. Don’t fake it, that’s obvious. But if you see something nice about someone, a look, a quality, a well done piece of work. Say it! I remember telling a women in the carpark her outfit was really well put together. I thought she was going to kiss me, she was on her way to an interview and she told me it helped to boost her confidence. Even just smile if you are too shy to give the compliment.
  3. Remember an important day. We all have things that matter to us, and if I notice that is going on, then I make a note in my diary to send someone a message on that day. I have had people do this for me, and it means the world. We all need to know that we matter!
  4. Pay someone’s parking. If you have time left on your ticket, hand it over or even better, buy a ticket for the person behind you in the Queue. If there is no-one around, pay it anyway and leave the ticket there.
  5. Stop and chat with a Homeless Person. We all might throw a few quid in person’s cup when they are out on the street, but stop and talk to the person, they matter and they need to feel that.
  6. Donate the good stuff. Pick out some nice things from your wardrobe and give them to charity. Someone will get an amazing bargain which lifts their spirits and the charity will make some much needed funds to do more good.
  7. Say Thank You. Send a note in your child’s homework journal to the teacher or SNA, send a message to the bus driver, take a packet of biscuits out to the bin men. Whatever it is, just say a little thank you to the people that do so much and don’t hear thank you often enough.
  8. Volunteer. This can be a one off or regularly. Quite a few people have contacted me to volunteer a few hours at my Social Club for Autistic Adults, which is hugely appreciated and I know the volunteers will get as much out of it as the members. Shake a bucket at a street collection, bake some cakes for a cake sale, do a few hours in a charity shop, deliver a meal to an elderly or disabled person. There are so many things that you can do that won’t take up much time, but will make a big difference , most of all the people benefitting from the charity will know that they matter to you.
  9. Help someone with their shopping. That can be carrying someone’s bag, asking someone can you pop to the shops for them, or buying some bits for someone you know may be struggling financially. If you think it would make them uncomfortable, just post a supermarket / petrol station voucher randomly through the door. Or you could always drop them over a dinner you’ve cooked – assuming you can cook. One of my good friends does this alot and I love it when she does as she is an excellent chef, unlike myself, I’d drop you over burnt toast and a pot noodle! But it would be brought with care 🙂
  10. Please Donate – A cause very close to my heart. 3 terminally ill children, 3 brothers with a debilitating condition that need somewhere to call home that suits their needs. As we go into Lent, if you can spare a fiver from what you have given up – your abstension could build them an extension. Please give below if you can:

Just one final point, I read a quote recently and I love it – I think the world would be wonderful if everyone could live by it:

If you can be anything at all, be kind, and if you can’t be kind, be quiet!

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