Continuing with the theme of International Women’s Day, I wanted to share a few amazing Maya Angelou quotes to live your life by, even to change your life.

Everything Maya Angelou said was brimming over with wisdom, grace and humanity and she is without doubt one of my heroes or as Maya herself put it she-roes.

There are ten, but they are not in preference order. I love them all!

Normal, totally over rated.

The bare necessities of life!
Something we should all aspire to.
A hard, but good one to follow.
#Be Kind
A definition of true strength.
Sharing is Caring
A much more poetic version of ‘living your best life.;
Donald Trump’s next campaign slogan – sadly not!
Words that drive every warrior in the world and my own inspiration in being an advocate.

To finish, a little more than a quote, my favourite poem by Maya and the inspiration for the children’s book I have written.

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