As anyone who is on social media will know, it is flooded with adverts for all manner of weird and wonderful stuff that none of us need.

Last week a retro t-shirt with She’Ra Princess of Power appeared on my screen and I was whisked right back to my childhood, when She’Ra was quite the feminist icon, matching up to her male counterpart He’Man as they battled Skeletor by the Power of Greyskull!

I showed it tomy youngest daughter Erin and she was keen to be her own little She’Ra, my lovely friend She’La made her a t-shirt and we decided to get a mural on her wall.

Erin was happier about her T-Shirt than she was about posing for a photo!

It made me very nostalgic for some of my favourite 80s TV growing up, so I’ve dedicated this week’s Tuesday Top Ten to just that.

  1. T-Bag
  2. Sport Billy
  3. Super Gran
  4. Round The Twist
  5. Rent-A-Ghost
  6. Monkey
  7. Marmalade Atkins
  8. Willo The Wisp
  9. Worzel Gummage
  10. Bric – A – Brac

You can’t beat a good old trip down memory lane, now if I can just convince my children to sit and watch some of them on YouTube with me then maybe they can learn an appreciation for quality TV – instead of half the YouTubers they watch (God I sound so old!)

I don’t care, I’ll watch them on my own if I have to.

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