It’s been a mental week, three radio interviews, one on the very serious topic of real life with Autism, (2 for the book), super anxiety for Patrick and Erin, super anxiety for me watching the election results unfold and holding my breath, possibly until Paddy’s Day to see if we will be stuck with the worst of both worlds – a Fianna Fail/Fine Gael Coalition.

On a plus side, Leo Vardakar took 5 counts to get in and the worst thing to happen to children since toothbrushes and the naughty step – Katherine Zappone, got voted out. I’ve heard the wicked with of the East had a house land on her, so maybe Katherine could step in to take her place. Best of all, the far right fascists got their white little asses, supremely handed to them on a plate by a disinterested electorate and Ireland proved that Cead Mile Failte (a hundred thousand welcomes) is actually alive and well for most people.

So as an antidote for a pretty stressful and manic 10 days and to make me feel better as I lie in bed with a chest infection and a frozen shoulder, I thought I’d do a top ten of Oscars glamour – obviously my nose resembling a red carpet right now.

I’m disappointed that Saoirse Ronan didn’t get an Oscar and I cannot decide if I liked her dress or not, thinking the skirt is reminiscent of some bedroom curtains I had in the nineties, but as ever she did Ireland proud with exceptional acting as Jo in Little Women.

These are my top ten Oscar frocks of the century so far, post some of your own in the comments in social media.:

  1. Cameron Diaz – being Cameron Diaz and doing her thing and owning it. I like classic, but I also love quirky and this outfit always stands out.

2. Halle Berry. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful women that ever lived. Fabulous dress for her big night.

3. Regina King – I loved her look last year and love this one too to hand over her gong. Every inch glamour.

4 Nicole Kidman – to be fair, Nicole has an exceptional sense of style and a supermodel figure to carry off any look, she rarely gets it wrong, but in this one she got it soooo right.

5 Marian Cotillard – I have a fascination with and collect all things mermaids, so this was always going to be a winner with me.

6. Brie Larson – this one last night absolutely took my breath away, much like her acting in Room, her dress for that Oscar win was fabulous too, but this was just one step ahead.

7. Lupita Nyong’o – a real princess dress and spectacular with her skin tone. I just adored this dress and would spin around in it all day.

8. Jennifer Garner is always super stylish and classic in her attire, but the colour on this one just stepped it up a little to make her stand out as one I loved.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow – ok she is a little annoying and I certainly won’t be buying her new candle – but you have to admire her sense of humour for releasing it. But you cannot deny this outfit was absolutely spectacular.

10 Jennifer Lopez – I could have picked any of her dresses as this lady knows how to dress, but this was so eye catching – I didn’t see any photos of her sitting down in it though, i’m guessing that required a stunt woman!

Now with the Annaduff National School Dinner Dance coming up next month, I’m looking forward to seeing the style that County Leitrim has to offer, I’m sure our local ladies will give these Hollywood legends a run for their money!

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