Last week my Tuesday Top Ten asked the question, whatever happened to……? I got some interesting responses as to where they might be MIA!

Not everyone seems to care whatever happened to Noel and Danny from Hearsay apparently! But in case you do care, it’s pure and simple (sorry) – Danny gave it a second shot by auditioning on The Voice in 2013 and Noel was last seen on a Heston Blumenthal Special in 2019 re-visiting noughties glory days.

I got to thinking, how much of our past joys of pop culture are we now slightly embarrassed about and are quite happy from them to stay there.

Here are a few I was happy to see the back of:

1 . Michael Bolton – even now as a middle aged woman I just don’t see the attraction – close your shirt Michael you’ll catch your death! I think we all know that one cringey fella who opens just one too many buttons on his shirt – all that’s missing is their medallion!

2. Three Wheeler Cars – made popular by Del Boy and Rodney, we actually had three of them a various times in my childhood until my Dad passed his driving test – the three wheeler could be driven on a motorbike licence! The bright orange one was a step to far in the shame stakes of a tween girl!

3. John McEnroe – Supernanny would have a field day with his bad manners and fouls mouth.

4. Shell Suits – I see teens wearing the jacket part of the shell suit but these assaults against fashion all their glory have never made a comeback – I can’t imaging why!

This isn’t me, but ti really could be!

5. Puff Sleeve Wedding Dresses – I am seeing puff sleeves starting to appear in a lot of high street shops, but I have a feeling the 1990s wedding dress trend will not be making a come back anytime soon!

Please do share your own 90s wedding pictures

6. The Blair Witch Project – highly acclaimed at the time by many, but I was firmly in the ‘WTF was all the fuss about’ camp. A total waste of 2 hours.

7. Button Moon – Whilst we all love a bit of nostalgia TV , I am glad to see that animation has come a little further than a button, a tin can and a toilet roll space craft.

8. Ventriloquists – I used to be mad a bout Keith Harris and Orville as they were so cute, but with hindsight any other ventriloquist act was pretty bloody creepy and a bit naff – anyone who is a parent knows how easy it is to talk in a squeaky voice through gritted teeth!

9. Crocodile Dundee – combining 2 of my least favourite things, Masogynist bigot Paul Hogan and Crocodiles – both equally terrifying, but I always hoped the crocs would win the fight! Also the iconic line “that’s not a knife, this is a knife” appeared in ‘Wolf Creek’ one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever seen.

10. Clip On Toys – I LOVED these at the time, but in reality they never stayed on and constantly got lost. If you stood on one with their spiky hands and feet the pain was immeasurable.

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