This will be my last Tuesday Top Ten before Christmas.  On Sunday, I will be switching off my computer and phone and leaving them off until the following week. 

My Blog and myself will take a little break for a week to spend quality time with my children and husband.  Mick has 2 weeks off work and I am looking forward to doing as little as possible.

I travel on average 800km a week, simply rushing and racing from appointment to appointment and multiple school pick-ups, I drive around in so many circles I feel dizzy, particularly if I get the call to say Patrick isn’t coping at school and can I collect him.  So I am dedicating some time to me and us.

A typical day in my car

This is my top ten list of things to do with my precious downtime inbetween Christmas and New Year, None of them include driving very far:

  1. Read a good book.  I hope you will be reading mine, but I won’t!  I’ve had enough of reading it for edits.  I’ve just uploaded the amended manuscript and I am not touching it again until 2020.  To all of you with the originals, including typos, I apologise. I hope you will forgive and recognise that it adds to its authenticity and demonstrates real life.  I take solace in the fact it wasn’t as bad as when I send a company wide email at work, for an outdoor event, reminding everyone to bring their willies, instead of their wellies.  It was a senior manager of the Organisation that pointed out my mistake, telling me he never left home without his!
  2. Go swimming with my children.  I am not a Christmas day skinny dipper, so you won’t see my wobbly ass bobbing about in the River Shannon on December 25th like many other brave or bonkers locals, but I will be taking my children ‘swimming for fun’ because they just love it. and after the madness of Christmas, publishing a book and life in general, floating around in a pool sounds blissful.
  3. Binge watch Netflix.  You can choose a new series or watch a classic, I will be watching ‘Anne with an E’ seasons 1&2 with my eldest daughter Saoirse.  Season 3 starts in January and I am sooooo excited.  This program is timeless, even though it is set historically, it beautifully covers many of today’s important issues.  It is an absolute feast for the senses, even the opening credits.
  4. Staying in my PJs all day – this is the plan for many of the days.  Lying on the sofa eating selection boxes and chocolate Santas stolen from my children.
  5. Taking lots of long baths.  I love long hot baths, but often don’t have the time or the energy to take them (but I do obviously shower).  Often when I do decide to take one, we don’t have enough hot water, because a) I forgot to switch the emmersion on (you’ll get that if you’re Irish) or b) one of my beautiful children has drained it all away in the shower washing their toys.  Being a 43 year-old woman, the standard Christmas present I receive is bubble bath, which I am always delighted with as it enhances by bathing experience, as does a large glass of wine.
  6. Watching old movies with my children.  I will myself be watching my favourite ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, but I also want to watch some random classics with my children.  I allowed Saoirse to watch my favourite Christmas movie, ‘Love Actually’ with me last week and I am delighted to say she loved it too.  Mick and I are making a list of movies we love but haven’t seen in years.  One from the nineties popped into my head, ‘Mr Holland’s Opus ‘so we are going to dig that out and of course ‘Labyrinth’.
  7. Play board games.  Santa always brings some good board games and it’s a great bit of craic with the kids.  It’s always the perfect time to see how alike Mick and Saoirse actually are, as they debate the rules, both convinced they are right!
  8. Fill in my goal planning book.  Coach Karen Brown, although the writer of many of her own excellent journals and planners, put me on to a gorgeous one that she loves called ‘2020 My Shining Year Life; Goals Workbook’ by Leonie Dawson.  It’s a lovely book to interact with and I have to buy sparkly gel pens to fill it in with.  I am looking forward to taking stock of my life and planning a hopeful, sparkly future.
  9. Watching reviews/quizzes of the year.  I just love watching these, catching up on the bits I have forgotten, as we are ending the decade, I am sure they be in an abundance on every channel.  I just hope they don’t talk too much about Brexit or Trump.
  10. DE-CLUTTER – I love Christmas and always have my decorations up at the beginning of December, but by the 27th, I start sneaking them away one at a time, much to Mick’s irritation.  After successfully sorting out all of the non-clothes bits of crap this week, that have been languishing in my washing baskets/shopping bags/boxes etc in my bedroom last week, I am feeling motivated.  I am hoping to get rid of tonnes of stuff that I never wear/use/play with/look at etc and start the new decade feeling liberated.
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