Yesterday was international lazy day.  I had a busy enough day to be fair, including walking 8km, a mini BBQ and the usual myriad of phone calls to make.

OK, then I did have a 2 hour nap as I had not gone to sleep until 3am as one of my kids had left crumbs in the bed and I was googling new trainers for Erin!  What else would you be doing when you can’t sleep.

I decided to then have some quality girly time with my first born and we watched the movie ‘War Horse’.  Although it ultimately has a happy ending, there are lots of heart wrenching moments throughout it. 

It is one of Saoirse’s favourite books, that we cried our way through when we read it together, we both left the theatre with tear stained faces when we saw the play, even my rock of a husband was moved by it.  But the movie is a little more stark, and the death very impactful.  

This led to my teen daughter being very upset as she loves animals more than most people and is always upset when their vulnerability is exploited, so this led to a good old big cuddle.

You are never to old for a cuddle from your Mum when you are upset, so this week’s Tuesday Top Ten is the things we are never too old for.  Feel free to add your own…….

1.  Cuddles – from anyone really, cuddles are proven to have mental and physical health benefits and are often the action that speaks so much louder than words.  A good cuddle can often be the words you cannot find and the moment of peace that you need.  (Just always ask before you cuddle) ❤️

2. Fish Fingers – A friend was visiting us today and she was mentioned having fish fingers for dinner.  I remembered how much I love fish finger butties (sandwiches) with HP Brown Sauce.  Guess what I am having for dinner today! 🐡

3. Swings and Slides – although it is always important to remember to check the weight limit on play park equipment, as falling flat on your backside from a collapsing swing could easily damage your pride and your bones, always take the opportunity to go on swings and slides any time you can.  I have great memories of my 2 adult bridesmaids going down the twisty slide at 1am, still in their expensive dresses at my wedding reception! 💕

4.  Climbing Trees – my husband who is in his 50th year is a master tree climber and loves to challenge the kids to a good tree climbing adventure.  Apparently he is not the only one as there is Glamping Centre in County Meath where they have 40foot trees to climb (with harnesses of course). 🌳

5. Paddle – nothing transports you back to childhood like a paddle in a stream or the sea, cooling your feet and warming your heart at the same time. 🌊

6. Hook a Duck – I choose this one in particular as it is my children’s favourite, but any fairground game, grab a teddy machine or push the pennies in an arcade will always get the pulse racing, even if you know the prize itself costs less than the cost of winning it, there’s no glory in just buying it from the shop. 🐥

7. Pic n Mix – Probably a thing of the past until Covid 19 is safely under control, but pic n mix sweets are the ultimate in candy royalty.  Whether you used to enjoy circling the abundant merry-go-round that was Woolworths sweet stand, the 10p mix from the corner shop on treat night or the overpriced, fake yet delicious, mini eggs at the cinema – pic n mix is where the magic happens. 🍬

8. Passport Picture Booths – In an age of camera phones and selfies taking passport booth photographs with your friends are almost forgotten, but there is still lots of fun to be had in these memory makers of the past – just don’t forget to do bunny ears and cross eyes! 📵

9. Make Wishes – All of my children have fairy doors and Erin now likes to whisper fairy wishes up the chimney.  I love throwing coins in wishing ponds or wishing on stray pennies that I find on the road.  None of us are ever too old to believe in magic and the last thing I do on Christmas Eve is check the NORAD tracker to see where Santa is, long after everyone else has gone to bed! 🎅

10.  Being Read A Story – On a Thursday night my children’s school takes all of the pupils to the library, their homework is to either be read to or read the book to their parents.  I have often brought my children to see story tellers and am always equally captivated as they are.  Whether the story is one or magic, mystery or mayhem it always leaves you wanting more. 📖

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