We all love a good Christmas movie, with the chilly weather outside (unless you’re reading his in the Southern Hemisphere), it’s great to curl up in front of the fire, open the Christmas chocolates and RELAX!

Here are my top ten favourite movies to watch over Christmas (not necessary about Christmas).

  1. Love Actually. I don’t wish to generalise, but I think most women of my age will have this somewhere in their top ten. My husband always goes up to Dublin to watch a Christmas rugby match and go out beers with his brothers. When he’s gone, I settle down to wrap the family presents, drink wine, eat matchmakers and watch this classic. This year I am looking forward to sharing it for the first time with my teenager, Saoirse.
  2. Elf. A recent entry as my Christmas Eve movie of choice. Technically a kids movie?? Although we all know the adults love it too. Will Ferrell at his absolute best.
  3. Santa Claus The Movie. This was my absolute favourite Christmas Movie for years and always my dvd to watch on Christmas Eve, I’m afraid it has been relegated in recent years, but still a must watch in the lead up to Christmas.
  4. Polar Express. Who doesn’t adore this beautiful movie.
  5. Rise of the Guardians. I thought this modern day spin was a classic. Love Santa’s Naughty and Nice names tattooed on his arms, I just hope his arms are big enough to fit the entire Irish government on the naughty arm this year – again!
  6. Ballerina. Not remotely a Christmas movie, however December 23rd every year we go to see a family movie. 3 years ago we took Erin to see this as her first ever trip to the cinema. She was mesmerised, so was I watching her and the movie. Now it always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.
  7. Harry Potter Series. Epic movies and a perfect time to snuggle down and watch a proper boxset. This never gets old.
  8. A Christmas Carol (1951). Starring the legendary Alistair Sim. Just like the song Bohemian Rhapsody, this has been in my life since I was born. My Dad adores this movie and I adore my dad, so it just has to be in my top ten as it always make me think of him.
  9. Shawshank Redemption. My, and half the planet’s favourite movie, so I take Christmas to sit down watch it in full, rather than catching half of it on a late night showing on Channel 4. The ultimate movie of hope.
  10. Last Christmas. Written by one of my favourites, Emma Thompson. Probably not a classic that will make next years list, but a lovely, heart warming movie that I enjoyed some special ‘Mum and Me’ time with my eldest child, Saoirse, last week. We shared a few tears and a big bag of Maltesers (I didn’t share my nachos though, I don’t like her that much!)

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