I sang along cheerily to Justin Timberlake singing the Trolls theme tune in the car on my way to work this morning, there were no children in the car. Just a 44 year old that loves a bit of cheesy pop music.

It certainly wasn’t the first time I’ve found joy in children’s music and many a time I’ve burst into a few verses of ‘She’ll be coming ’round the mountain’ playing for the tenth time if CD repeat, long after the I’ve deposited the children at crèche.

So this evening as Patrick watched despicable me, I couldn’t resist popping in to watch it with him. There are many children’s films I would gladly sit and watch, minus any children to have to share my pic n mix with! Here are my Top Ten that you may indulge in during the upcoming summer rain-wave:

1. Toy Story 3 – and yes I still cry EVERY time I watch it – you know the bit I mean.

2. Ballerina – Erin’s first movie at the cinema and I was as mesmerised as she was!

3. Elf – I was gutted when Erin asked me last week, do we have to watch it ‘again’ on Christmas Eve? Well I’ll be watching it, even if they don’t.

4. UP – again a total tearfest!

5. Matilda – my favourite children’s book and pure cinema gold, leaving me quaking in my boots at the thought of the Trunchbull.

6. Shrek – all of them, even the slightly dodgy Shrek 3.

7. Rise of the Guardians – I loved the plot, the characters, Santa’s tattoos, and just everything about the way this movie looked – is that cinematography?

8. Song of the Sea – another beautifully feast of the senses if a movie, an old Irish tale and my guilty pleasure; the dulcet tones of Brendan Gleeson.

9. Gremlins – ok so this is definitely not a movie for the small kids, and when I watched it my children who were still believers, this caused my heart to skip many beats, but it’s just a quality movie – I never got a Gizmo teddy. Am I too old to buy myself one?

10. Mary Poppins – I know every word to every song and I’m not afraid to sing them out loud and proud, safe in the knowledge that I sound Supercalifragilisricexspealidocous!! But my favourite song from the movie is ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ What are your favourites?

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