Assuming schools return as planned in August/September, we are now half way through the school shutdown and many of will remain as home workers for the forseeable future.

With lockdown in full swing, the posts of the many exciting activities we had planned to do have flittered away and out enthusiasm for those indoor adventures has somewhat waned.

Following a weekend of pure glorious sunshine and memory making with my children, my to do list now seems insignificant. The plans aren’t gone for ever, just suspended until further notice! But this is my top ten of things I haven’t done in lockdown (yet)!

Ah well, Mañana!

  1. Learn a new language. I wasn’t going for anything to weird and wonderful like Russian or Mandarin but I had, and still do planned to learn Lamh – a type of sign language. I have signed up for the course and will definitely be doing it. I have however learned a lot more about stimming, which is something a lot of Autistic people do regularly and is a huge form of communication of what is going on for them., so I consider that progress.
  2. Cleaned out my cupboards. Again still very much on my to do list, as is a huge De-clutter, I have approx 5 in bags of crap to dispose of and equal number of carloads for the skip.
  3. Ironing – I haven’t ironed a single thing in lock down and find rolling clothes, rather than folding them to be perfectly adequate. I do however have approximately 3 million of Mick’s work shirts to iron, but luckily his boss is happy if he zooms in his PJs.
  4. Completed Bedtime Stories for Mothers and Others VOLUME 2 – It is nowhere need completion to be honest, but it is a lot further along than it was. The chapter list and structure is complete even if they aren’t all written.
  5. Baked a cake. Fortunately I am surrounded by bakers who are happy to do this for me, and my waistline will atest to that, but I really should return the favour.
  6. Watched the Sound of Music on Broadway. Broadway released free access to it’s musical back catalog early into lockdown and I promised myself I would treat myself to this little gem. Some time soon I will fill the Leitrim hills with the sound of music……………….I suggest you all close your windows when I do as singing along is inevitable.
  7. Got into the paddling pool. This is a promise I made to the kids so I have to do it, but it is just so bloody cold, even with the black in bag trick!
  8. Camp in the garden. Mick has done this with the kids to be fair and as the inside of our tent blew away in Storm Arthur so this is looking less likely now, but I am sure Erin will find a way! Maybe a fort on the trampoline!
  9. Completed an online pilates course. This is one that I have planning a lot longer than the 12 weeks of lockdown and I haven’t even got as far doing the plank, so any suggestions for good online pilates courses would be gratefully received for round 2 of lockdown!
  10. Lost 10lbs – Ha ha ha! I think everyone’s plans for this one have gone awry, the only one in our household who is any skinnier is the dog Heidi as there is always someone available to be out in the garden with her to kick a ball or throw sticks, maybe I should start chasing them myself. My shopping bill is a nearly as high as the Elon Musk space expeditions costs at this stage as I just keep buying treats and fancy stuff that I normally scurry passed in Tesco.

As mull over what I had planned to do but didn’t, I don’t feel remotely like a failure. We have made lots of wonderful memories so far just doing the everyday stuff and spending time together (and also found inventive ways to hide from when we are sick of the sight of each other).

So no more lists, I’ll take every day as it comes.

The Iron Throne!
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