Another instalment of Tuesday Top Ten to help you stay entertained on a dreary Tuesday.  Take a trip now memory lane with some old favourites and compile your own list. 

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in, I’m waiting for the good stuff on Netflix to begin.  Every time I start a new series, I am always hopeful that it may measure up to some of my all time faves.  Many of them watched on actual, physical box-sets – even as far back as VHS.

Choice in Abundance

My husband and I sat in the pub recently, compiling a list of our absolute favourite TV Series’ EVER.  We decided that there are so many Crime/Police Dramas, they would need their own category, which will follow soon.

Below is my ultimate non-crime series, Top Ten Programs of all time.  Game of Thrones does not make an appearance you may be surprised to find out.  Whilst I loved it, it just didn’t rock my world quite enough to be in my top ten.   

The ten are in a vague order of preference, which was very hard to do.  Let me know if you agree…….

  1. THE WEST WING – The undisputed heavyweight champion of the TV world.  I think we are all extra nostalgic for the leadership of Jed Bartlett in the current political climate.  A series made when politics were serious and sexy not farcical and terrifying in equal measure.
  2. SEX AND THE CITY – It had it all, great stories, characters we loved and hated, the style, the shoes, the parties, the bright lights of New York City.  Best of all it knew to quit whilst it was ahead.  Except of course for the movies.  Why oh why did the have to go and ruin it all with SATC 2.  Even the delicious Aiden couldn’t salvage that movie.  The all-important question – did Carrie end up with the right guy?  Actually. Berger was always my favourite Carrie-Guy but Mr Big, John James Preston was a close second.
  3. THE NEWSROOM – Another Aaron Sorkin classic, I absolutely loved this and I think it was on a par with The West Wing, but at 3 seasons, the final only being a mini 6-episode series, it didn’t give us quite the same amount of time to fall in love with all of the characters, but still an absolute classic.
  4. ANNE WITH AN E – The only Netflix Original Series in my list.  This is a gorgeous adaptation of Anne of Green Gables.  An absolute must watch.  Every character perfectly cast and every episode beautifully crafted.  It’s the first show in a long time, that has made me stay up after midnight for “just one more”.  I love watching this with my 12 year old daughter.  Magical TV.
  5. A-TYPICAL – An amazing and hilarious TV program about Autism.  It isn’t preachy, but it is highly educational and shows the impact of an Autistic Life for each family member.  Really well done, illustrating the hilarious, terrifying and hopeful moments life brings in a household where Autism can often take the leading role.
  6. COLD FEET – I haven’t been able to watch the new seasons, some things are best left as they were.  Who can ever forget Pete shaking Rachael’s Ashes along the cliff walk after accidentally spilling them down his trouser leg.  Tears of every description rolling down your face.  Every episode brilliant viewing.  We all had our favourite character – mine was definitely Karen.  Compassionate, intelligent, straight talking, with a perfect array of facial expressions to tell the tale – perfect BFF material.    
  7. BLACK ADDER – My Dad used to work nights when I was young, and when he came home at 7am every morning, he would sit and watch his recorded TV (VHS, long before sky+) until I had left for school. I often use to snuggle down at his feet and watch many a ‘dad classic’, Red Dwarf, Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, M*A*S*H and my favourite of all Edmund Black Adder, I never really saw the attraction of Mr Bean, but this was Rowan Atkinson at his best.
  8. BAND OF BROTHERS – The first time I ever saw Damien Lewis on TV and I was absolutely hooked.  An addictive telling of real-life American Soldiers in the Second World War.  One of those TV tales, where you can feel every moment, the cold, the fear, the despair.  Just when you are beginning to wonder why on earth the soldiers were there in the first place, they come across a concentration camp and you feel the true horror of it all.  Epic, gripping TV.
  9. GREYS ANATOMY – Spoiler Alert – I haven’t watched it since the end of season 9 when Derek died.  I honestly feel it should have ended then with Meredith heartbroken, but strong enough to carry on.  This was absolutely medical drama at its heart stopping best.  Forget McDreamy or McSteamy, for me it was always the stunning Jackson Avery, played by the divine Jesse Williams that set my pulse racing.
  10. THE ADVENTURE GAME – An intergalactic game show from my youth.  I absolutely loved this, even more that Cracker-Jack and Saturday Morning Swap Shop.   At the grand old age of 43, I still cannot walk across zig zag lines, without pretending I am on the vortex and make the zoooop noise with every tentative step, hoping I don’t evaporate into a hyper space, never to be seen again. 
A Blast From The Past


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