As we begin our period of self-isolation,we need to be strong to prevent devastation!

As we stare at the cupboards, filled to the with brim loo rolls, we need to assess, what are our lock down goals?

Will we deep clean the freezer, maybe read a new bookCatch up on Netflix or learn how to cook?

By March 29th we could all be speaking Spanish, Irish and French.Have constructed Japanese gardens or built a garden bench.

Our children will be home schooled within an inch of their life, our bodies preened and groomed to look like a trophy wife.

But let’s be realistic and take one day at a time,Just try to keep sane and not turn to crime.

Do your best to keep busy on each given day,keep your brain active, have fun, find a way to play.

Just make sure electronics are all fully charged,for the days our brains are frazzled and feeling enlarged.

Don’t beat yourselves up on the days you do nothing,Just pretend it is Christmas and your body has taken a stuffing.
Just get back on track as soon as you’re able,

get out of bed, off the sofa, maybe dance on the table!Let’s aim to exercise ourselves and not our credit card,as we’re all drawn to shop online, I know it will be hard!

We need to save up our money, to spend in the local shop, the cinema, the café, the restaurant when the lockdown does stop.

Most of all, do your best to keep away from one another, it’s just for 2 weeks that we need to keep under cover.

Check in with your friends, neighbours especially those who are at risk, get them some food, walk their dog. Lend them a book or a compact disk.

Now is the time to use social media to thrive and keep each other in mind.Use it to keep in contact at safe distance, and always BE KIND.

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