I love Christmas, as the song says – it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

This will be a short post as I know you are all very busy, finishing your shopping (don’t forget to pick up my book), baking, wrapping, glass of wine.

A few things have to happen in December for me to actually feel Christmassy:

  • See the Guinness Christmas Advert, not on YouTube but on real telly.
  • Watch Love Actually.
  • Drink Christmas Hot Chocolate from Esquires in a Snowman Cup.

But in the final countdown, I will be fulfilling our special little Christmas traditions that matter so much more and will hopefully have more of an impact on the memories of my children, than whatever piece of plastic they have asked Santa for this year.

I hope they may be some things you can enjoy too.

A walk down the woods with the dog. We are blessed to have a beautiful, peaceful woodland on the lane that we live on that opens out on to the river Shannon and we all love a long walk in the woods and a little paddle – it’s the closest we come to a Christmas dip.

Tracking Santa on NORAD. I know Christmas isn’t a time for screens, but you just have to take a look at this website which shows Santa travelling across the globe and gives an update on his ETA and KPIs. Ah the wonders of modern technology! I know I am almost 44, but I still check to see where he is just before I go to bed on Christmas Eve!


Lighting sparklers to show the way for Santa. Every year, we all (including my parents) dance around the garden in the dark, waving our sparklers in the air to make sure Santa can see our house.

Watch Christmassy Ted. I could appear in a remake of this episode, as I know ever word, but still laugh at every joke. Ted, Dougal, Mrs Doyle and Father Jack at their absolute best foiling the dastardly Todd Unctious! If you have no clue what I am going on about – just watch it. Perfect Christmas Eve accompaniments are Orange Matchmakers, Pinot Grigio and your teenager for a bit of quality Christmas cuddling.

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Wishing you all a Christmas that is Merry and Bright.

Namaste x

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