The hair saga continues and without doubt the biggest bane of my life that regularly threatens my hair peace, sending me into an itching frenzy at the mere mention of nits!

The school letter advising us to check for head lice comes home regularly and I would always check, just to be on the safe side.  We made it almost 12 years without getting hit, but on the first day of the October midterm holidays last year, I saw something move! 

It was in Erin’s hair.  It wasn’t the end of the world, Topsy and Tim even have a book about getting nits, so it was no big deal.  Or so I thought!

I followed the code and stripped all of the bed and headed off the chemist to buy my nit comb and lotion.  Surprisingly, my little wriggle worm Erin, sat still whilst I treated her, it’s amazing the effect of Barbie on YouTube.

 Saoirse and Patrick got a quick go too, just to make sure they didn’t get them.  I treated her again the next day and they seemed to be gone.  That wasn’t so bad!  Oh, how wrong could you be.  By the Tuesday, I spotted more.  I thought it was sand to start with, as we had been at the beach, but no the little feckers were back. 

I treated her hair every day for the rest of the holidays and dragged the comb religiously through her hair twice a day.  Boil washing anything and everything she touched.  Every time I thought they were gone, they would be back. 

I had a full-on meltdown one morning as it was my graduation day, from the SNA course I had done that year and was due to get my hair done.  My wonderful hairdresser said she would come and check me in her hall way and if I had none she would do my hair no problem.  Luckily, I had none.  My hair had recently been dyed all over, so if there had been any then I had nuked them.

I didn’t send Erin to school on the first day back, but the next day she went in were her hair pulled back so tight the poor child could barely see.  She had a Scouse Facelift as we used to call it.

The teacher sent a note home for everyone to treat their children, but by the end of the week they were back and this continued for 4 weeks.  I bought every chemical treatment, tried the natural remedies of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, tea tree, mayonnaise, coconut oil, everything websites, mums and the chemist suggested, we tried. 

If I wasn’t scrutinising her hair, I was scrutinising the internet to try and find a bullet proof solution. But the nasty little critters refused to move.  I combed through Erin’s long curly hair twice daily, separating it into tiny little sections, scouring for eggs from top to bottom.  I felt I was getting more and more cross eyed every day. 

Eventually I accepted I was never going to win and had to bring in the big guns.  We took off to be treated professionally.  Erin sat happily for 2 hours watching PJ Masks on my phone, getting her little head vacuumed and special treatment poured all over it.  I was €150 poorer when I left, having paid for the treatment, metal nit combs, lice resistant bobbins and extra treatment. 

I then spend another €300 buying new duvets and pillows for every room as I could not bear to think of them being anywhere else.  Who knew that headlice could be so lucrative – they are mini millionaires. 

I apologise if this story has you itching your head.  It was one of my biggest stressors of last year, and 12 months later I am still scratching and making Mick check my head regularly. 

Poor Erin walks the long around me all the time, so I can’t grab her and demand to check her hair.  So please, everyone, to avoid anyone else having this torture, check and treat regularly, even if you don’t see anything.  Prevention is better than cure!

Little tip – apparently boiling combs etc does not work.  Put them in the freezer overnight instead! That’s where my brushes go every night!

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