About Faye

Faye was born and grew up in Wales. She studied Law at University and at age 26, she moved to the West of Ireland with her job in 2002. A 2 year contract turned into a new life in her forever home. She met here husband and built a life. Faye now lives in the Irish countryside with her husband, 3 children and a menagerie of animals, including many rescued battery hens and musk turtles.

After spending 20 years working in the Financial Industry and Community/Volunteer Sector, Faye is taking a career break to be a stay at home Mum to her 3 children and carer to her son who has Autism and ADHD.

Faye has always been a social justice warrior, but now a large amount of her focus is on Autism Advocacy. Faye is a volunteer at 3 social clubs for tweens, teens and young adults with Autism and other additional needs. Faye believes in creating an inclusive society for all, but strongly believes that the reality of life with special needs must be discussed openly and not be a taboo subject. This is the only way to ensure true inclusion and acceptance.

Writing is Faye’s passion, her therapy and itch she just had to scratch.

Family Wedding 2018

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