When I was at college, I worked at a cinema. It was definitely one of my best ever jobs – apart from the polyester uniform. I used to love being able to sneak into the back of the movie to watch.

I’ve never been a big watcher of ‘The Classic’ movies in black and white, but I have a few Classics of my own from the latter end of the 20th century that I loved.

Now is a good time to catch up on a few movies, so here are a few I would recommend:

  1. Boys on the Side – my favourite ever chick flick. A love story about the unbreakable bond between friends. A young, shirtless Matthew McConnaughey is a little bonus.
  2. Highlander – An 80s epic A story like nothing we had ever seen before. Great cast, scenery, soundtrack made it an epic movie. The sequels however were questionable at best!
  3. Karate Kid – I’m sure dojos around the world tripled their membership the day this movie came out. Who will every forget the epic line ‘wax on, wax off’ – I bet you are making the hand gestures whilst you are reading this and saying it in Mr Miagi’s accent!
  4. Sense and Sensibility – OK so it is a proper classic re-telling of the Jane Austen book, starring my favourite actress Emma Thompson in this romantic tale.
  5. Se7en – an absolutely terrifying serial killer tale that had me and friends up all night talking about it. Even 25 years on it is still gripping viewing.
  6. Ferris Buellers Day Off – for anyone who has ever bunked a day off school, this is a must watch.
  7. Dirty Dancing – needs no explanation.
  8. The Untouchables – back in the days when anything Kevin Costner touched was gold. A long movie but worth the commitment. Sean Connery at his best.
  9. The Commitments – my first introduction to Irish humour in this absolutely epic film, my favourite of the Barrytown Trilogy.
  10. East is East – an absolutely hilarious movie, tinged with the sad reality of families where arranged marriage is an expectation that many people often cannot avoid.
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